Coach Me Hard

  • 2015-10-03 22:05:00
  • 01:59
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  • Coach Brad Kalvo starts to massage injured wrestler Doug Acre's shoulder and neck, and then kisses it. In no time the two are making out, causing Brad to get a massive erection. Doug begins to work Brad's cock, and soon Brad starts feeding Doug's ass some fingers, before filling it with his huge dick. "Your splitting me in two!" cries Doug and Coach Kalvo pounds him from behind. Coach Matt Stevens is drawing formations on the board for the next game. He is upset Alexander Greene lost the match today, but Alexander knows how to make it up to him. Alexander sucks Matt's hard cock, then he begs to be fucked and Matt slides his cock in with ease. Matt pounds Alexander hard until they switch positions. Aaron Slate is pissed off at his coach Drew Sebastian who told him to rum laps around the track. He asks coach if he can do something else so Drew whips out his pierced, monster cock so Aaron can go down on him. He bends Aaron over the locker room bench devouring his tight hole. Drew plunges his 10 inch cock all the way in Aaron's ass. Coach Shay Michaels is ready to go over his new hurdle strategy, but Dylan Knight has a cramp so Shay massages Dylan's legs. Dylan goes down on Shay and deep throats his thick dick. Shay eats Dylan's ass on top of the desk and plunges his cock deep inside. Coach Shay loosens Dylan's tight hole with his dick and begins pounding faster.
  • Anal, High Definition, Muscle Hunks
  • Muscles, Gay, Anal, Wrestling, Safe Sex, High Definition

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