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Prisoner Of War - Ty Roderick, Liam Harkmoore

  • 2015-09-09 16:26:54
  • 06:42
  • 29715
  • American Private Ty Roderick is being tied up and tortured by the Germans. He’s taunted by German soldier Liam Harkmoore, but distracts his captor while untying the ropes that bind him to a chair. He gets free, and to get revenge on Harkmoore, makes the young soldier suck his dick. He shoves his big American cock into his throat until it gets hard. Roderick takes Harkmoore over a barrel and shoves his dick in the German’s sweet spot, who stops resisting and starts thoroughly enjoying the payback. Roderick tosses Harkmoore on a nearby cot, and pound him until they’re both dripping with sweat. The German grabs both of his feet to hold his legs open, and the American uses his ankles to drive himself further inside. Private Roderick’s dog tags bounce against his chest as he thrusts, until Harkmoore blasts his load into his own face, and Roderick finishes on his stomach.
  • Anal, Big Cocks, Military
  • Ty Roderick, Liam Harkmoore, Anal, Military, Soldiers, American, Big Cock

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